Advanced Find and Replace

Advanced Find and Replace 2.0

Replace text in multiple code pages simultaneously


  • Saves time in replacing and deleting multiple words
  • Very fast and efficient


  • Cannot search PDFs
  • Cannot search network drives

Not bad

Advanced Find and Replace is useful for anyone that needs to find and replace text in either lines of text whether code or word processing documents. You can even search for symbols such as full stops, commas and brackets.

You can look for any word, phrase, chain of characters or document text fragment at the same time recurring in multiple documents. The results of the search are displayed in an easy to read practical list in the interface of the program. Not only that, but it also allows you to insert new texts, eliminate them and replace them quickly and simply.

This is a really useful program for anyone that's made a huge error in a large amount of documents or simply needs to keep a certain number of documents constantly updated. The only problem is that it cannot search PDFs so don't rely on it for any documents in that format.

Advanced Find and Replace is an incredible web admin tool that could save you hours of programming time. If you've made a coding error or need to change a specific line of code, you can use Advanced Find and Replace to do them all in an instant.

It's particularly useful when making multiple changes to .asp pages or any other page where you've got many lines of programming and can't be bothered or don't have time to go through them all.

Advanced Find and Replace


Advanced Find and Replace 2.0

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